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The Top Ten Most Promising Cities in China 2019

No.1 Shenzhen The reform and opening up promoted Shenzhen’s take-off. From 1979, the GDP was only 1/172 of Hong Kong’s small fishing village to 2018, surpassing Hong Kong to become a dynamic first-tier city. Since 2015, the annual population has increased by more than 500,000, ranking first in the country. Shenzhen has moved from “manufacturing […]

In the next 10 years, Chinese need healthier food and more nutritionists

Recently, the Chinese government issued the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)”, and health topics have once again become the focus of public attention. The Office of the Health China Action Promotion Committee held a press conference in Beijing to interpret the situation regarding the reasonable dietary actions of the “Healthy China Action”. In recent years, the […]

KFC became a Chinese Restaurant in China

KFC recently launched “Chuan chuan” and Lu Wei in China. “Chuan chuan” is a spicy snack that Chinese people like very much. It originated from the spicy kingdom of Sichuan Province, the hometown of giant pandas. The Chuan chuan series of 59 yuan (A$12.21) / barrel, a total of 12 skewers, including 8 skewers of […]

Highlights of new e-commerce cross-border business policies in China

At the end of November 2018, the long-awaited and cross-border new e-commerce policy was launched in China: On November 28, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, and the General Administration of Customs and other 6 ministries and commissions issued “Notice on Improving the Supervision of Cross-border E-Commerce”; on November 29, the Ministry of […]

Catch Chinese middle-class women’s heart, grab the market

Nielsen released the China Consumer Trends Index Report for the first quarter of 2019. The report showed that the China Consumer Trend Index for the first quarter was 115 points, up 2 points from 113 points in the previous quarter and close to historical highs. Zhao Xinyu, President of Nielsen China, said: “With the continuous […]

The Impact for Aussie Dairy of Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Enhancement Action Plan in China

The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other seven ministries and commissions recently jointly issued the “Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Enhancement Action Plan”. The plan proposes to vigorously implement the “quality improvement, industrial upgrading, brand cultivation” action plan for domestic infant formula milk powder, and strive […]

Foreign brands enter the Chinese physical store channels under new “filing system”

With the rollout of the registration system and the filing system, foreign capital is accelerating its layout in the Chinese market. Under the dual-track system, foreign capital has accelerated its distribution in the health care products market in China. On May 14th, at the 2019 International Health and Nutrition (Spring) Expo, the Canadian dietary supplement […]