Complementary Package ($588)

❶ Your company will be listed in our “CATIC Business Directory”, which will be distributed in Australia and China through our online and offline platforms (such as trade shows).

❷ Each newly listed company will be featured on CATIC’s Website, CATIC Sharing Network Platform, Australian and Chinese Social Media Platforms, Exhibition printed material and Other Media Releases.

❸ You will receive Complementary Tickets to CATIC Workshops for 3 workshops per annum.

❹ Free access to CATIC Talent Reserve Database to enhance your business capacity in the destination countries.

❺ Enjoy up to 10 hours per year of Free Council’s professional services from the list below:

─ Chinese social media ads or article designs suited for multi-media platforms.

─ Printing materials’ designing services.

─ Video designing and editing services.

─ Destination market access methods, pathways or market research consulting services.

─ Project proposal, Tenders/Grant application, Conference/Forum organizing or presentation, Power Point Presentations and other documents preparation services.

─Corporate website or online shops construction services.

─ Wechat official accounts and mini programs construction services.

❻Free First Consultation on Business Setup, Accounting and Taxation related issues in the destination countries.

❼ Member Companies will enjoy automatic entry of the “CATIC Sharing Network Star Enterprise Awards” every year.

Value – Added Package ($888)

For Australian based businesses:

CATIC Sharing Network Members will enjoy the exclusive benefits of our council presenting your products/services in the most prestigious industry trade shows in China. This is limited to one trade show per member per year.

You will enjoy below benefits:

  1. Company Brochure Design in Chinese;
  2. Your sample products will be displayed at the Trade show stands;
  3. Live video communication with interested buyers or parties;
  4. Contract negotiation with potential buyers.

An additional negotiation service fee will be charged upon the successful contract being signed. (Negotiation service fees will be based on a percentage of the contract value).

Professional Services

As an associate of the Value-Added Package, CATIC Sharing Network Members will enjoy all the benefits from the Complementary Package, as well as a further 20% discount on Professional Services including:

  1. CATIC Co-Working Space and Function Venue.
  2. Tickets to Major CATIC Annual Events, such as Annual Gala Dinner and Annual Network Conference, etc.

Council’s Professional Business Consulting, Accounting and Taxation Services hours in addition to the Complementary Package.