Hosted in partnership with Invest Shenzhen, the China Australia Trade and Investment Council (CATIC) invites you to attend the “China (Shenzhen) – Australia (Canberra) Top Talents Policy Promotion” seminar to discover the Shenzhen government’s Overseas Top Talent attraction and retention policies and opportunities of doing business in Shenzhen.

In this seminar, there will be opportunities to learn more about the city of Shenzhen and its business, investment and start-up environment. More importantly, you can learn about the Shenzhen government’s policies on attracting and retaining Top Talents around the world.

This seminar is suited for Australian University Professors/Researchers, Young Student Talents, Innovation and Start-up Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts. There will also be representatives from Chinese Embassy, local government, business chamber, local successful businesses, innovation community, venture capital funds, etc to attend this seminar.


“Shenzhen is a city of innovation. There is no better place on Earth to grow a business and accomplish one’s dreams. Shenzhen has fostered numerous well-known multinational enterprises that compete at the highest levels of the global market, such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, Ping An Insurance, China Merchants Bank, BYD Auto, BGI Genomics Institute, DGI, Royole, and Kuang-Chi. Shenzhen is the first city in China to be named a National Self-Innovation Demonstration Zone, and as a rising international centre of innovation, Shenzhen has accumulated an impressive number of talented personnel in both the high-tech and technical sectors.” (quoted from Director General of Invest Shenzhen).

Shenzhen enjoys an excellent reputation among university students, and is also one of the first cities chosen by students returning from studies overseas to work and start businesses. Shenzhen has attracted a total of 33 innovation teams as part of the “Pearl River Talent Plan”, 63 innovation teams as part of the “Peacock Plan”, and over 18,000 talented overseas returnees. There are 13 academicians working full time in Shenzhen, 154 members of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, and 916 experts receiving special government subsidies. As of the end of 2015, Shenzhen had a total of 5,652 certified high-level specialists. In addition, Shenzhen currently has a total of 1.353 million special technical experts, and 2.86 million special technicians, of which 690,000 are high-grade technicians.