CATIC plays a vital role in supporting your business to expand the Chinese market by providing “CATIC Connect Delegation” which takes you to China to showcase your export business capabilities and connect you with key Chinese market, buyers, partners and business leaders.

  • Build China connections, foster business relationships and identify partnering opportunities;
  • Enhance your international profile by entering the Chinese market
  • Attract potential Chinese investment;
  • Connect with local distributors and/or importers;
  • Develop skills and knowledge of Chinese market to enhance your business’s global competitiveness;
  • Understand regulatory requirements in Chinese market.


The CONNECT Delegation to China

The 19th China High-Tech Fair 2017 (CHTF 2017)

14-18 November 2017

Shenzhen, CHINA

This Delegation is an exclusive in market fully hosted experience for Australian companies interested in connecting and trading with the Chinese market. This Delegation will help you to understand and experience China, the second largest economy in the world.

This is your opportunity to explore and understand the Chinese market with like-minded organisations from across Australia as part of a professional, respected and supportive delegation team. Not only will you gain access to one of Chinas largest industry expos you will enjoy exclusive introductions and tours with key representatives from Government, Industry and the community.

With the support of our partners at Invest Shenzhen, we have been able to offer a very affordable package. But be quick as numbers are limited. We invite you to apply now by completing the online registration by 18 October 2017.

Why be part of a delegation?

Travelling to a new market, especially China, can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like a small fish in a very large ocean. Being part of a delegation provides: –

  • A supportive, safe team environment
  • In-market expertise from the dedicated support team
  • Market insights from industry leaders
  • Exclusive introductions
  • VIP access to exclusive events/programs
  • Translators within the team
  • Group discounted delegation packages
  • No hidden costs with an all-inclusive* package
  • An opportunity to build networks with other delegates

Who should attend?

Registrations are open to new and established Australian businesses who have considered the China market and wish to explore: –

  • Export market expansion
  • Import opportunities
  • Venture Capital Investment
  • Manufacturing options overseas
  • Networks in market
  • New “world leading” technologies at the Hi-Tech Expo
  • What business in China is all about

A part of Guest Speakers CHTF 2016

Christopher A. Pissarides

2010 Nobel Economics Prize

Derek Aberle 

The president of Qualcomm Incorporated

Carlo Rubbia

Italy ENEA

Lu Yongxiang

An Academician of CAS and CAE

Ke Ruijie

The vice president of Microsoft and chairman in Greater China

Zuo Xiaolei

Contributing researcher of Counsellors Office of the State Council

Sara Medina

Board of director of SPI in Portugal

Hu Ziqiang

The vice president of Medea Group and the dean of Media Research Center

Yuan Yue

The founder of Feimaly and the president of Horizon-China

Hu Zhanghong

The chairman of CCB International

Big Names of CHTF